Custom Modules


I replaced an out-of-date paper form and fax system with an online web application powered by Drupal. The new system allows administrators, sales users, and customers to track inventory and orders, manage device locations, and view usage reports. Custom EDI integration also interacts with their shipping partner to keep inventory and invoicing up-to-date.

BetaCells in Diabetes

The BetaCells in Diabetes site uses podcasts, blogs, a custom resource search, and case studies with voting to create a great resource for healthcare providers. This Drupal site also integrates with the PubMed system from the National Institutes of Health to provide state-of-the-art resources.


Psygon is an innovative new learning site where users can create and answer questions on a variety of subjects. The site uses Drupal 7 including Features and custom modules. There's even a patent-pending algorithm for selecting the best next question to ask a user.

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