Miradem is a Software as a Service (SaaS) built using Drupal to create community websites for retirement communities. Miradem gives residents a way to see what's happening around them— so they can get involved, building a stronger community.

Screenshot of Miradem site home page

Calendars, News, Events, and More!

There are calendars, activity and committee pages, dining menus, and much more. Best of all, Miradem empowers residents to manage their own site.

Resident-managed Groups 

Miradem uses Drupal and the Organic Groups module to let community site administrators create and edit content on their own, and delegate control of specific sections to others.  This way, the management of the site's content doesn't fall on just one person.  The leader of the Book Club can manage the Book Club's calendar while the person in charge of the Finance Committee can post their own updates.

Custom Forms

Miradem allows administrators to set up custom forms that can be emailed to staff or residents.  These can be used to collect comments from residents on their dining experience or to allow users to request housekeeping or landscaping help.