Jay Beaton - Resumé

463 Arborgate Road, Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312
919.533.9598 | info@jaybeaton.com | https://jaybeaton.com/

Professional Experience

  • Jay Beaton Consulting LLC

    2011 - present, Owner
    Pittsboro, NC

    Drupal developer and consultant specializing in back-end development including site configuration and custom module creation. Creating full websites and performing short-term and long-term contract work.

    • Worked with a Creative Designer to build site for Psygon, a free, community-based learning system (now in beta release). Used Drupal 7, including custom content types, Features, and extensive custom module development.
    • Worked as part of a team on a series of Drupal 7 sites for a radio station network. Work included custom Panels, Blocks, content types, and Views to allow each station to customize the look of their site.
    • Migrated existing site from Ruby on Rails to Drupal 7. Work included custom content type creation, Views building, custom module development including Features, and importing of old site users and content.
    • Wrote module to import users and event content from old site into new Drupal 7 site.
    • Created proposals, worked on project planning, estimating, requirements gathering, and architecture design.
  • webslingerz

    2007 - 2011, Director of Technology
    Carrboro, NC

    Led all development for a web consulting company. Created and maintained websites and web applications for large corporations, major universities, public institutions, and private organizations.

    • Created and deployed complex, fully-featured websites using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS), integrating custom programming with existing third-party modules.
    • Used JavaScript with jQuery and Ajax to provide elegant user interfaces.
    • Optimized websites for display on mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, etc.).
    • Built web-based inventory management system for medical device company's multi-million dollar product line. Developed custom modules to support reporting and inventory workflow requirements. Used PHP and shell scripts to integrate with existing EDI process.
    • Created web-based calculators using PHP, jQuery, and Ajax to show return on investment and savings. These calculators included custom graph integration and localization with translations and currency conversions.
    • Acted as key participant in proposal writing. Responsible for project planning, estimating, requirements gathering, and architecture design.
  • Oasys Mobile (formerly Summus)

    2004 - 2007, Lead Server Developer
    Raleigh, NC

    Led PHP / MySQL development for a mobile content publishing company. Businesses include game and application development for mobile phones, aggregation of content for carriers, and a direct-to-consumer web portal for purchase of ringtones, wallpapers, and games along with mobile community features (blog, comments, etc.).

    • Managed team of 6 PHP developers and 2 web UI developers, assigning tasks and solving complex design and coding problems.
    • Created PHP / MySQL application server framework for high-traffic client-server mobile games and applications. System handled over 7 million requests per month while maintaining carrier-grade uptime, reliability, and security. Used SOAP, XML-RPC, and other technologies to retrieve data from partners.
    • Responsible for recruiting, hiring, and mentoring high-performing job candidates.
    • Acted as key participant in project planning, estimating, requirements gathering, and architecture design.
    • Wrote and implemented bug and enhancement tracking system used by entire company and external business partners.
  • Buildscape - a subsidiary of Dow Chemical

    1999 - 2004, Senior Software Engineer / Development Manager / Oracle Database Administrator
    Durham, NC

    Led PHP / Oracle development and database administration for a catalog and supply chain management solution targeted to transform the residential construction industry. Successes resulted in acquisition by Dow Chemical, who deployed the system across its international, $28 billion dollar business.

    • Designed and coded sophisticated integrated systems including Session Management, Shopping Cart, Catalog Search and Browse, Pricing, Credit Card Processing, User Authentication, Content Management, Account Maintenance, and Site Administration.
    • Led team of 3-10 developers, assigning tasks and solving complex design and coding problems.
    • Designed and maintained Oracle databases locally and at remote locations.
    • Maintained complex PL/SQL packages and procedures used for pricing engine and data management.
    • Served as in-house SQL "expert", constructing, debugging, and tuning complex multi-join SQL queries for development team.
  • Interpath Communications (formerly TriNet Services)

    1998 - 1999, Senior Internet Applications Developer
    Cary, NC

    Part of a team of developers at web consulting company that built dynamic websites during the early days of the internet. Company was acquired by Interpath, part of CP&L (now Duke Energy).

    • Was sole developer on large-scale (>$300K, 4 month) E-Commerce site for sale of Ericsson cell phone accessories using Microsoft SiteServer, ASP, JavaScript, MS SQL Server, CyberCash, and Taxware.
    • Assumed responsibility for all development of applications using Webshare Application Server. Standardized processes to reduce costs, shorten development time, and increase quality and profits.

Personal Projects / Prior Freelance Work

  • Embiggen Content Management System / Framework

    2001 - 2011

    Creator and developer of a PHP and MySQL content management system and MVC framework.

    • Allowed administrators to use a browser to control the entire operation of a website, including the look-and-feel, content, user management, and reporting.
    • This system served as the engine for approximately 12 websites.
  • 2008 Kentucky Derby Party Website

    January 2008 - May 2008

    Led development of party planning and online game site created for Churchill Downs Incorporated.

    • Using Embiggen, built high-performance, reliable site to deal with high traffic on race day.
    • Developed party invitation and RSVP system that allowed users to send out email invitations and reminders with choice of custom HTML templates and tracked guest responses.
    • Built SMS-based game to allow users to pick winners on race day.
  • League Office Fantasy Sports

    1998 - 2002

    Created and ran Internet Fantasy Sports site specializing in Golf and College Sports (Basketball and Football) built using PHP (Apache web server running on Red Hat Linux) with a MySQL database.

    • Used session management and templating to provide branded fantasy sports for other sites.
    • Developed automated email system for generating personalized messages to communicate weekly results.
    • Implemented "premium" content for key customers.


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