Jay Beaton Consulting has worked with OneBoat since 2013 to build an installation profile for their marketing platform.  With it, they work with local businesses to create websites for various vacation destinations like the Outer Banks, Tahoe, and Vail, Colorado.

Screenshot of OBX Guides desktop website

Information from Locals

OneBoat partners with local media companies and local writers to provide reviews and recommendations for places to eat, things to do, and sites to see.  The sites aggregate content from many different businesses to provide visitors with recommendations and reviews of what's going on in each area.  The system also allows other websites to embed OneBoat content, increasing reach.

One Code Base, Many Different Sites

Here's a few of the sites that are currently using the OneBoat installation profile.

Each of these OneBoat sites uses the exact same code. All the site administrators need to do is provide the content for each destination.  A single custom theme is used on all the sites, as well, and site administrators can choose the colors to customize the look for each site.