Rutgers Law

Jay Beaton Consulting worked with Lipman-Hearne, a Chicago-based marketing and communications firm focused on the nonprofit and government sector, to build an award-winning Drupal 7 site for the Rutgers Law School.  Lipman-Hearne provided the design and project management while JBC served as their "Drupal Team".

Screenshot of Rutgers Law desktop website

Innovative Building Blocks

We used Drupal's Paragraphs module to create pre-defined building blocks like Accordions, Tabbed spotlights, and Quicktabs that editors can use to quickly and easily build great-looking pages.

Integration with Existing Systems

Rutgers Law had an existing faculty and staff directory database and wanted to continue to use it.  Lipman-Hearne created a great-looking design, and JBC wrote custom PHP and Javascript code to integrate the directory into the site, making it work with Drupal.