Raleigh Convention Center and Associated Sites

Jay Beaton Consulting worked with Landon Elmore Design & Marketing to create new sites for the Raleigh Convention Center, the Red Hat Amphitheater, and the Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts.  The client wanted the three sites to share functionality and a similar look while being separate.  We built them an installation profile with a configurable theme that lets them do just that.

A screenshot of the desktop version of the Red Hat Amphitheater website

Powerful Building Blocks

We used Drupal's Paragraphs module to create pre-defined building blocks like Accordions, Custom events lists (using Drupal Views), and Webforms that editors can use to quickly and easily build great-looking pages.

Single Code Base for Many Sites with a Configurable Theme

Each of these three sites use the exact same code.  Site editors can use a configurable custom theme for their site and then build a beautiful site with their own content.

Integration with Existing Events-Management System

The folks at the Raleigh Convention Center had an existing system that they used for managing events across all their various venues.  JBC used Drupal 8's powerful REST functionality to build an API that allows the RCC to send event data to any site that they choose.  Events are automatically created with all the correct information.