RISC Custom Survey System

The folks at Percontor wanted to build custom surveys to allow colleges and universities to collect data to pinpoint where college students experience obstacles and identify campus offices that excel in helping students succeed.

Screenshot of RISC Survey desktop website

"Off-the-Shelf" Wasn't an Option

When they couldn't find an existing product that would meet all of their requirements, they came to Jay Beaton Consulting.  We worked with them to define their requirements for both the surveys themselves and the reporting.  We them built them the Revealing Institutional Strengths and Challenges (RISC) custom survey system.  This gives them ultimate flexibility in creating questions and building surveys.

A Marketing Site, Too

Using Drupal 8, we also built a marketing site for the Revealing Institutional Strengths and Challenges custom survey system.  This site provides schools with information about the system and its benefits and allows users to actually take a sample survey.